Smarty Programs

(1.8– 2.5years)
By creating a safe, consistent and welcoming environment, we help
(2.6 – 3.5 years)
With a balance of self-directed play and thoughtful teacher
(3.6 – 4.5 years)
A small class size and exceptional teachers enable Smarty to offer
(4.6 – 5.8 years)
Our school follows the guidelines of the local school district in order to

Our core values

Children are motivated to learn through experience.
Experiential learning promotes kindness, patience and humility in children.
Children are empowered to carve their learning path
Awesome Environment
Otter’s environment is set in such a way that children get an
opportunity to learn though exploration.

Why Otter - The Natures School

At Otter, the emphasis is ‘on How to Teach’ rather than ‘What to Teach’. The curriculum is developed to help young minds to engage in critical thinking, independent decision making and, resiliency in the face of failures.

Our team of expert faculty are skilled at encouraging young learners to engage in experiential and experimental learning. In sharp contrast to traditional classroom learning that prioritizes academic excellence only, at Otter, we help our young learners to attain a healthy balance between study and play.

Self-Directed Learning
Student-Focused Teaching
Nature as the Classroom Canvas
Nature at the Heart of Otter

Learning Methodology

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Otter, The Nature School’s learning methodology emphasizes on providing children with unstructured time in nature. Student’s interests and their organic interactions with nature are used to develop the Early Year Nature Based Curriculum (EYNB). The unique educational model focuses on three primary objectives:

  1. Inculcating a sense of natural curiosity amongst the young minds.
  2. Encouraging the curiosity of their inquisitive minds for nature, environment and life skills.
  3. Sculpting young Otterians into physically strong, mentally alert and psychologically resilient adults.

At Otter, the Nature School we view every child as –

  • Equal,in terms of the capabilities they have and the opportunities they deserve.
  • Unique, in terms of their interests, aptitudes and learning curves.
  • Capable, in terms of initiating and defining their unique learning graphs.

Our News

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We provided 4 classes with 9 to 12 children to 5 years of age.

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Our preschool program has four dedicated classes.

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